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Sage Callery-Aiken Sims 4 CC Update Child (21/11/18) Skin?: here Eyes: here Hair: here Dress: here Formal Dress: here Sports Shorts?: here Sports Shoes. this post is tagged as nsfw. this post is blacklisted because it contains nsfw and is not fully visible on the index page. the link takes you to the permalink page How to Install CC and Mods Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods is the folder you need in order to install mods and cc. Sims/lots go inside the Tray folder Adblocker Detected. It appears that you have an advert blocking browser extension enabled. To download the file, you must white list our website in your software or. VIP Membership. For as little as $4.00 per month you can become a VIP member. This lets you use our service free of all ads and unlocks access to our popular Download.

Aurora, Heidi and Emily Buns For Kids~ Okay, I lied. I have a few more hair conversions I want to share haha! Another few of my own hairs converted for kids Sims 4 Updates - The best Sims4 downloads gallery - Daily finds from custom content sites and blogs since 2009 coupurelectrique: S-CLUB HAIR N25 - CHILD VERSION. Adult to Child; HQ compatible; Category: Hair; Custom Thumbnail; All LOD's; Mesh Original/Credits S-Club Adult. You are currently browsing Sims 4 • Hairstyles • Content. May 20, 2019 Leave a Comment. Lemon Sims 4

Remixing and recolouring content in The Sims 4. I occasionally share recolours, conversions, and/or minor mesh edits. Pretty much everything here is Maxis match (#. a few recolors in the witching hour palette of @naevys-sims's adult-to-child hair conversions! these are recolored in the 18 default colors of the palette Ava Hair~After watching this hair conversion by @aharris00britney, I managed to come up this hair! This one gave me one hell of a fight with the weights, but I fixed.

Short Bob with Bangs for Adult Female converted to female toddler - 18 EA/Maxis Swatches - https://www.mediafire.com/?a7568ybncjbp9g breathin-sims: Katherine Hair This hair was made weeks ago but he had a big problem in the breasts weights and that was causing me a headache Downloads > Hair today, gone tomorrow? Find the style and color that will warm up your Sim's head. Hair This set includes a long dress, and an accessory shirt with wide poofy arms. Some of the styles work well for medieval type play, others have more modern pattern

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  1. RaspberrySims Hair02. 2 ver. (Bob+with braids) Toddler / Child / Teen to Elder; 18 EA Colors + 3 Colors (Adult only) Hat compatible Custom thumbnai
  2. OC SONG TAG - 핺햗햎햔햓 핾햙햗햆햚행. ahh my second favourite child holding his dad's scull how poetic. большое пасебо @arianaaki21 и.
  3. Hi, I'm Heather! Foodie, Perfectionist, Squeamish. Sims player since 2000 and showing no signs of stopping. Posting my Sims 4 gameplay, edits, builds and original.
  4. Sims 4 Conversion: Nouk Dreads Updo Sims 4 Conversion: Nouk Dreads Updo; 9 swatches; M/F; T-E DownloadCouldn't find it anywhere so I converted it myself. All hail Nouk
  5. Studio K-Creation / karzalee /s4cc / No CC request

SIMS 4 ADULT TO CHILD HAIR CONVERSION. i made a sims 4 base game hair compatible for children! DOWNLOAD HERE (SFS) Enjoy! <3. @sssvitlan Sims 4 Sims 3 Sims 2 Sims 1 Artists Members. No Ads and no Waiting The Download Basket. The TSR CC Manager Download History. Quick Download on Browse Infinite Scroll on Browse All 20 base game child hairs have been recolored and merged into a single package! 15 colors + white for all of the hairs as well. It may be a little bit until I I've been REALLY into making child sims lately, and after awhile I realized that there are barely any CC for them in general, so after painstakingly.. So I finally did my first complete frankenmesh hair. I think it's pretty okay. I have two download options for it, the first is just the mesh with the 18 base ea hair And the second option is the first one merged with the recolors in my 65 color palette. This hair is base game compatible, but doesn't work with hats Sims 3 hairstyles for kids - best custom content hairs downloads ever created for the Sims4. All the Sims 4 hairstyles ever created! We update everyday with new Sims4 hairs so stay tuned! Happy Simming! Let's talk

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Charlotte hair - toddler & child. The Sims 4 Downloads. Kids hair dump by naevys-sims. The Sims 4 Downloads Sims 4 Cas, Sims Cc, The Sims 4 Cabelos, Hair Kids, Sims 4 Toddler Clothes, Sims 4 Cc Kids Clothing, Sims 4 Children, 4 Kids, Boy Fashion Sims 4 Sims 3 Sims 2 Sims 1 Artists Members. Submit. Log in to your Account. No Ads and no Waiting The Download Basket. The TSR CC Manager Download History. Quick Download on Browse Infinite Scroll on Browse Sims 4 Hair CC. (I don't own any of these). Toddler & Child versions available; Hair Clips (optional) are found on the Hat section w/ 35 swatches; Ombres are found in the accessory category (below the hats), at the top of the page sims 4 sims 4 hair sims 4 hair cc sims 4 maysims sims 4 child hair sims 4 child conversion dachs sims. 183 notes. Sims 4 CC - Leads to a website that has nothing to do with the Sims - The Sims Resource: Ad cap by milky/way Sims 4 Accessories if ur a fan of sports and addidas this is the cap..

Child hair for The Sims4. Generation: Child (Teen to Elder version). Mesh : Original. KEWAI-DOU is about The Sims3 & The Sims4 hair or accessories etc MOD made by Mia Kewai Other/Older CC. Patreon Early Releases. -April- Ade_Darma Adult Alien anto Child conversion Disney Elder Fantasy Female io Jennisims Leah_Lillith Madlen Male Marigold Mesh MissFortune Miss Paraply MTS NataliS nessasims Newsea Nightcrawler Non-default nylsims Original Content pooklet.. Bitte denke daran, CC's können dein Spiel negativ beeinflussen. Wenn du sie benutzt, tust du das auf eigene Gefahr! I take no guarantee that the If there are problems, please contact the respective creators! Please remember, CC's can adversely affect your game. If you use them, you do so at your.. Best Sims 4 CC. Cute Toddler Mushroom Hair for The Sims 4. Wings OE0212 - Kids & Toddlers Hair Conv... Leahlillith Tori Headband - Recolor V2 Hair..

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Nightcrawler confetti hair for toddlers. After many failed attempts of toddler hair conversions, here is a successful one; @darkosims3 's Confetti hairstyle! I think this hairstyle is so adorable and it looks as cute as I hoped it would on toddlers! NOTE: You need the original mesh.. Hair in The Sims 4 is considered a downgrade in comparison to previous iterations of the Sims franchise. While hair in The Sims 2 had animation There are a total of 18 hair colors in the Sims 4. (Not including CC). Children only have access to 9 of the 18 colors, [Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Red.. CC Child-Hair Child-Long-Hair Hair Little-Girl-Hair Long-Hair. Popular Posts. CAS backgrounds The Sims 4 _ P1

Hairstyles: Sintiklia - Child hair Linn from The Sims Resource. Sims 4 Downloads - daily custom content finds for your game, TS4 CC, creators and sites showcase These are my retextures of other creators hairstyles. Please read all the description when downloading. All permissions were sought in retexturing this hair or in accordance with their T.O.U. Some hairstyles need the original mesh downloaded also, from the original creator hafuhgas sims misc... sims 3 & sims 4 downloads, stories and pics. inyoit.wordpress.com/. Tea Time. Sit back, relax, and join the story. Sims 4 CC's - The Best Others CC Hairstyles Clothes Objects Sims 3. Download Child version: ⋆ SimFileShare ⋆. sims4-maxismatch-hair reblogged this from silvermoonsims4. plumbthickett liked this

Download all the latest Sims 4 Hair Custom Content all from one place! We update out Sims 4 Hair custom content downloads directory daily, so always continue to check back for more Sims 5, The Sims, Sims Four, Sims 4 Mm Cc, Sims 4 Cas, Sims 4 Children, Children Hair, Sims 4 House Building, Sims 4 Toddler. Selah Giovanni Re: Child's Hair Color Changing When Re-Opening Save File. Whenever I create/edit a sim child in CAS, their hair color would randomly change to a different color, when changing their hair color back to normal, it would change the I've seen it with no mods or CC in my game. Repair game does not fix it

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I Love Sims 2 & Sims 4 games! Mesh edits & retextures of four different hair conversions featuring a yet again adjusted colour palette! io stickdolls s2cc sims 2 download ts2 download ts2 sims 2 dl: hair let's see what happens with external links now! exciting times! i'm prepared to move my base of.. Best Sims 4 Hair Mods. It's no secret that The Sims 4 was a disappointment to the general gaming community. The game, which should have been the next major step forward in Maxis' long running life simulation series, instead felt cheapened and simplified I'm Notegain. This is the blog i post my Sims 4 CC. I also have old TSR and MTS accounts but i'm more active on Tumblr, if you have any questions you may reach me from here. They use original EA textures i edited a bit for all colors, there should be no difference between these and EA hair colors..

The Sims 4 CC for Kids Full CC Links UPDATED There is a new video i made with the links working !!! tvclip.biz/video/yXIZinqL71E/video.html How to convert adult hair to Children for The Sims 4Kiara Zurk As I said, it's not new hairs, it is recolors. It means that I could not include the mesh (with some exceptions). Consequently, you must download all the meshes (in less of course you already have the hair in question in your game). I know it's not the ideal, but I have to respect the terms of use In the Sims 4 Child Skills aren't the same as the skills that adults get, but they're in the same ball park. This guide walks you through what they are and Children learn differently than adults do, so it only makes sense that the skills they develop are different from, but are related to, the skills they'll grow into SIMS 4 MALE CC HAUL FULL CC LIST | PRETTY BOY AUSTIN VELASQUEZ I just put together some male custom content clothes that i thought look good Hey everyone! ◕‿◕ Today's CC Finds features hair for The Sims 4! I found some lovely Maxis Match hairstyles, hair conversions for children, and..

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naevys-sims: SIVIR HAIR. Edit of hairstyle from Cats&Dogs. More volume. Buy packages and expansions from The Sims 4 or any other cheaper game on a trusted site, link here. Rowan Hair converted for Children and Toddlers~. Hi y'all! A few days ago I hit the 2000 follower milestone :-D.. CHILDREN. cc finds, reblogs. 13 CC Toddler Hair Recolors by noodles. ~I only post cc that I have tried and I think is good. ~I always give credit to the creator and link back to the original post Child hair for The Sims4. Generation: Child (Teen to Elder version). Mesh : Original. * (Exception-B) This sims4 item is recolor OK. But don't include mesh data. Please give me a link & credit I noticed that after the latest past the eye colour and hair colour of one of my child sims changes out of nowhere. For example I give her blue hair and If this happens due to CC you have installed, have you notified the creators of the CC in question? Just asking since you say you have this problem too.. ..interesting downloads InABadRomance : Primarily CC for children Industrisims : Primarily Furniture Ivo-Sims : Some Hair. Miss Bunny Gummy : Primarily Hair Recolors MissParaply : Clothes and Hair Mlysimblr : Primarily furniture Mobsims : Tattoos and Piercings MoonChildSims : Cas for children and..

The Sims4. Jan/21/2017 I'm announcing the converted hairstyles to children/toddlers as they are made. Jun/28/2016 I made my hairstyles compatible with Jun/02/2016 patch The Sims 4 Pc Sims Love Sims 1 Sims 4 Mods Sims 4 Cc Kids Clothing Sims 4 Toddler Clothes Sims 4 Children 4 Kids The Sims 4 Bebes. Sims 4CC hair. What others are saying. My names Kayleen, I'm a sims 4 Custom Content creator, I work with re-texturing hairs, clothes, and converting All tags Sims 4 CC->Maxis match Custom Content. ◉ Compatible. A conversion & edit of the child hair from the vampire pack. I pushed the hair back and I think it's so cute and playful ah Choose the child hair you want to convert. Optional:If you're gonna use the texture then I suggest selecting all swatches (Shift then click on all hair colors) Move the child hair mesh (G to move) Resize it till it fits the head. (I dunno if I'm right but I ususally set the GEOM to 0000 here.)(Scroll down.. Sims4 Marigold 7:39:00 PM c_hair , child , hair Edit. Profits have fallen too much.I can not keep this site. because I have to work for a living. So I started Patreon. New CC will be released on Patron for three weeks

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Find on Snailrow some custom content for sims 4,100% made by me. Fictive shop - FREE DOWNLOADS and few Patreon Children's Clothing. Include 5 toddlers hair I created for the Sims 4, you can have these without advertising. TODDLER & CHILD HAIR PACK #2 (PATREON) - *This CC is currently only available for my Patreon supporters Sims 4 Updates -- Sims 4 Finds & Sims 4 Must Haves -- Free Sims 4 Downloads. The best downloads for your Sims 4. ? Submit Your Content ? ? Join Site *CC Creators Only ? Christmas Holidays. The Sims4 child(unisex) hair - Cecile Hair and Facial Hair for The Sims 4. Top Resources. Women's Brigitte Hair. A voluminous 'do inspired by Brigitte Bardot. - by Grouchy Old Sims

#hair #hairs #the #sims #4 #four #cp #custom #content #cc #ts4cc #s4cc #cabelo #new. The creator of this sculpture is unknown, but has something to do with a Sim named Holly Alto. Some kids say that she moves, that she blinks her eyes, but it's a child historyright Sims 4 Beautiful Girl. I made this sim for a competition and love the way she turned out, kind of angelic and fairyish. I didn't record when I made her but I had some footage from a previous video so I edited it together. ➜ See the CC list for this sim on the bottom of this page ts4cc s4cc sims ts4 simpliciaty devin hair. Wavy voluminous long bob hairstyle, with optional set of cute hair clips, which come in 20 solid colors & 15 patterned designs! Toddler & Child versions available; Hair Clips (optional) are found on the Hat section w/ 35 swatche Sau khi download The Sims 4 male hair về bạn giải nén (click chuột phải -> Chọn Extract here) rồi copy vào folder Mods. Đợi 5 giây rồi nhấn Skip Ads hoặc Bỏ qua quảng cáo. Nhớ click vào Show more - Xem thêm để xem hết các mẫu tóc đẹp The Sims 4 nhé

Sims 4 Stuff | Hacks, Cheats, Walkthroughs and More. I go through the hair, clothing, accessories, trait, and aspiration options in t Hair - CC Mesh Recolors (487) Hair - CC Mesh Retextures (1174) Hair - Converted Mesh (254) Hair - Curly (271) Hair - Default Replacement (43) Hair DarkNight (1) Hair by DarkRavenSims (1) Hair by David Sims (50) Hair by DaweeSims (1) Hair by DayDreamSimmer (5) Hair by DazzledSimblr (1).. Compatible with HQ Mod Category: Hair Custom Thumbnail All LOD's Mesh Original/Credits fully Newsea - Disco Heaven Support the work o... NEW MESH Compatible with HQ Mod Category: Acc Custom Thumbnail All LOD's@redheadsims-cc tag on your photos, and let me see! thx. DO.. Autumn hair - greenllamas. I went back to my simblr roots and made a hair for you guys since I had been neglecting everyone here for cas cc so here you go

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  1. Archive. 3 Jan 2017. ** Holosprite's Ines Hair for Children **. Hello! yestinylovebouquet liked this. vandoesburg-cc reblogged this from stephanine-sims
  2. d some of them for my other children because there were a..
  3. Skin. Eyes. Download my Sims. CC creators have been busy and in this video I will show you some great toddler custom content finds
  4. Once the hairs are put on the model then it won't happen More straight up Sims 4 game rips. As with the female pack, all 3 have their 18 default textures. lol that moment you have to use male hair for a self model bc there's no female hair like yours xD these look awesome though

Children have only four skills: Creativity, Mental, Motor, and Social. They all have a maximum level of 10, but it's unlikely that you will be able to max all four before they grow up. The Sims 4 does not require babysitters or any other adult to be present on the lot, so she can stay home alone or travel.. Hair / 髮型. 好久不見!!!!我應該快三個月沒有做 CC 了 趁著年假把這雙短靴完成, 還花了一整天把這三個月沒載的 CC 載完 0.0(好像還有很多還沒載) 希望大家. So I rarely get time to play sims. But I love this game! I'll spend my free time to update my blog or make new cc Default Hair Replacement by PixelSwirl. Hair Equality for Children by plasticbox. 90% of build/buy CC I download is 2t4, 3t4 conversions of official Maxis/EA items. I am very picky when it comes to CC and don't usually use items made with user-made mesh and/or custom textures for coherence sake Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Ivka's Sims 4 Creations. You can support my work at https soo I was playing World of Warcraft and noticed the kul tiran children have really pretty coats so I So I wanted to make a sim in her tribute but since I wasn't able to find any nasal tubes cc I tried to make..

Tag Archives: sims 4 hair. LeahLillith Dusty Cloud. Comes in 52 swatches Custom thumbnail Credits to: LeahLillith for mesh, Pooklet, DigitalAngels, AlfredAskew & Kairisu for colors Mesh is required, download here Download: Dropbox or SimFileShare Advertisements If you play Sims 3 and/or Sims 2, too, why don't you check out our tumblr for those games as well? Regency Activist Outfit | Original CC. I couldn't think of a good name for this and I'm still trying to The child cap has also been updated with a new thumbnail, minor mesh fix, and seasons outfit categories Ava Hair. I used a CC hairline by @qwertysims for the preview, find it here. BGC. Hat Compatible. [DOWNLOAD] - sims file share - no ads - zip file with separate packages so you can pick and choose. Here's a pack of various toddler items, this is sort of a 'part three' of my Children's..

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Sims 4-Nerd from Germany. Downloads sims 4:kids Clutter,Nintendo Switch (7 Items) DOWNLOAD. Omg, what a cute and crazy duck! < Today I wanna recommend a blog made by a friend of mine. Check it out. great CC-library neatly arranged up-to-date made with love All the Sims 4 cc that catches my eye. Let me know if you spot any issues. Finally, thank you to the CC creators whose work I used on my model I reblog Maxis Match CC that I have tested and looks good in-game. I focus on stuff I actually like. If you like what I do, consider buying me a coffee! http Been looking through your reblogs and I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Would you happen to know of any 1950s greaser-style hairs for male Sims Sims 4 CC. My way of keeping up with some of my cc. love 4 cc finds. I spam your dash with old & new CAS cc finds, tutorials & sims news since 2015. Use the menu or the tags for easier navigation


Any unnatural hair colours that your Sims have won't get passed down to their children. The game assumes these colours are dyed and so children don't This is CC, not a mod. It should work with all mods since I didn't code anything. I just recoloured hair. It's not default replacement either so you can.. I reblog the Sims 4 CC that I would download into my game. Plus create my own lookbooks! ^ This hair has been in my backlog for a while, but I finally am able to release it thanks to @synthsims 's help!! He created the hat chops for this hair, which are much better than the ones I tried to do haha ! David Sims is a blog with free content of The Sims 3 and The Sims 4. Lady GaGa looks and more. Finally, more people are creating longer hair meshes. I have very long hair myself and it's a pain to find a fitting hairstyle for my selfsim :'( And most hairstyles always conflict with the breast slide Sims 4 Custom Content ㅤ See all sims 4 cc posts! Mostly Sims 4 CC | MM+ Alpha+Clay I reblog everything I like :) If you want to message me visit my Simblr page! CHILDREN. Hair. Clothes. Shoes Cody Jett Sims 4 CC Update Child (16/10/18) Skin: here Eyebags: here Eyebrows: here Hair: here Summer Shorts: her

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  1. WIP HAIRBASE for attention lol & RANT. Hey hey hey~ (it's not about patreon, chill) Making cc for you makes me genuinely happy. Once in a while, some people ask for.
  2. New CC every week on my Patreon page! ♥ www.patreon.com/simpliciaty; Newest; Popularit
  3. nobody asked for this, but here we are. mystic messenger simmified! I guess I'll take requests, if there's anyhting you'd like to see drop me an ask~
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